Read Cristina Campofreddo Kooijman's article, written together with Kathy Harman, MCC and published on Choice Magazine.
You can explore different perspectives and have a broader understanding of how effective can be leading with a purpose.


“We welcome diversity and we learn from it.”

cristina campofreddo kooijman  |  founder & director


How do we ensure that our company stands out from the competition?

We are proud of our affiliation with Success Unlimited Network®.
SUN and its founder, Teri-E Belf, were leaders in establishing the coaching profession 30 years ago. Since then SUN has attracted quality professionals and trained them.  SUN values continuing education and has an extremely high rate of coaches who move on to attain a coaching credential and become leaders in the field, e.g., ICF Board of Directors, Chapter heads, Global Committee Chairs and members. We are Ambassadors, conducting workshops around the world, mentoring high-level, high-impact leaders in all sectors, and writing books and articles in multiple languages. SUN coaches are visible and contributors to the evolution of the profession.

Our approach that distinguishes us is a mixture of pure coaching and methodical uniqueness. Every coaching and coach training program has a blend of structure, flexibility and customization. We begin every meeting, training or coaching, with guiding the clients/students to discover their purpose, the foundation and context for every choice one makes. Using life purpose vision is created. We prefer to work with clients and students who are willing to find their purpose in what they do, and who are focused in committing to an ongoing evolving process.

A Personal Mastery Practicum offers the coach in training the opportunity to work through obstacles that limits extraordinary performance. The reputation of SUN has been equated with high quality, purposeful and customized attention.


What kind of clients do we serve and how do we approach them?

Coaching clients can be anyone, no matter what the job description, as long as they are fiercely committed to personal growth and discovery, i.e., people eager to learn about themselves and how they impact the world.

Individuals and companies approach us because the 30-year strong SUN reputation and high visibility enables them to find us in the training and coaching field.

We offer a free 1 – ½ hour experience of coaching so people can learn first-hand who coaches are and what coaches do. Our approach begin by guiding clients (or students) to learn their purpose and create visions for living on purpose in all areas of life. At the end of each coaching meetings, we create a list of how they can apply what they learned in the most important areas of life they choose. Meetings are held every 2-3 weeks over a 5 months period and during that time clients learn how to master the ability to produce the important results they want with a sense of well-being. We also monitor their experience of living with qualities of well-being selected by the client.  Our approach is to focus on what client’s learn. The learning is sustainable beyond the coaching engagement because we coach at the level of habit.

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