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Risks exist in any business, irrespective of its size, business sector or countries in which it trades. We support our clients to look at the risks in international trade, how they arise and how they can be managed effectively.

We offer training about the topics of credit and country risk, methods of payment, the role that documents play in international trade, specifically from a business and finance perspective. We provide specialized training on Letters of Credit, Documentary Collections, Bonds and Guarantees, Incoterms®. We listen to and assess the needs of our clients and we tailor made our courses, to meet their needs and support their growth.

We provide in-house training to improve the skills of your international team, sourced from our pool of experienced, accredited & specialized trainers.


international contracts - TRAINING AND CONSULTING

Contracts are not just a legal institution, but a real instrument to promote market penetration. Assessing  contracts’ needs, risks and opportunities is essential for a company that wants to promote success in international business operations. We support our clients in assessing their skills in managing their commercial and contractual relationships and we provide advice about how they can improve it. We support the best formulation of the main contracts clauses with foreign customers and suppliers and the management of offers, orders, orders’ confirmations, sales and purchase conditions.



We support our clients to identify their strengths and their weaknesses in relation to their competitors, so that we can support them in designing a congruent action plan for the international development of their business. We help our clients to identify any gaps in their sales or purchase conditions and in their offers and orders’ approach. We also offer risk assessment and advice about pro-forma invoices, order confirmations, breach of contracts. We can identify for our clients costs, risks, responsibilities, and the impact of their logistic choices on the success of their transactions (transfer of ownership of the goods, customs, taxation, payments, guarantees, documents, Incoterms®).



In the international trade it is essential to be aware of the risk of insolvency of the purchaser and of the risk of non-payment on due date. We offer to our clients full advice and support to be aware and to manage these risks in order to avoid loosing business due to the lack of protective financial solutions. We can help our clients to assess, from a banking point of view (Country Risk and Bank Risk), the feasibility and security of payments in a commercial transaction with foreign countries.  We provide the "key elements" to manage Documentary Credits, Stand by Letters of Credit, Guarantees and the documents related to these operations, from the birth of the commercial agreement until the collection of the credit.


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