Cristina Campofreddo Kooijman

FOUNDER & DIRECTOR of coachingera

Coordinator of Success Unlimited Network® (SUN) in Italy and South Africa. Trainer, Mentor, Assessor, Credentialed PCC Coach. Since 1986 she has been working for leading companies in the fashion, publishing, and banking system fields.  She has developed key skills through many years’ experience in foreign trade operations, training and HR management. Empowered by a propelling passion for change management and training, mentoring, personal and professional development, she supports people to make the best of their personal and professional path.


Our Global Network


Our Network provides a globally relevant training. We offer the value of a team of 50+ highly skilled Coaches, Trainers and Consultants who are internationally recognized as leading edge professionals. That's why we have the magnitude to choose the most suitable experts and tailor made our services on our customers' needs.