Who we are

CoachingEra has been founded by Cristina Campofreddo Kooijman in 2013. She channeled in this company her 30+ years experience in leadership, training and mentoring roles in the global corporate world to deliver powerful and meaningful learning.

We are a global network of highly skilled Consultants, Trainers, Master and  Professional Coaches who inspire, coach, mentor and train organizations and people to learn how to consistently produce purposeful results in all areas, while maintaining and enhancing their  well-being.

In affiliation with Success Unlimited Network® (SUN), we deliver training and coaching services since 1981. We offer customized, highly individualized quality services, because we take pride in valuing quality, not quantity,

We also offer training, mentoring and consulting in International Trade Operations, Credit and Country Risk Management to companies that are willing to export and open new markets in foreign countries. Cristina Campofreddo Kooijman offers her wide expertise developed in the role of International Trade and Operations Manager for the banking system and, since 1987, we support companies in increasing their efficiency in safely and prosperously trading globally.


"The use of coaching continues to increase, also for large swaths of the employee population.
The biggest challenge is creating a coaching culture and implementing a coaching strategy
to move further along the coaching maturity scale."


“We know that effective leadership can change everything.”



What we do

We know that effective leadership can change everything. That’s why we are committed to develop the leaders, teams, and organizations of tomorrow, through a variety of highly tailored customized programs. We help our clients in gaining lasting behavioral changes in order to become inspiring and adaptable leaders and translate brilliant strategy into action.

Our programs are for companies and individuals who are determined to sustain their growth and to allow their success. We train managers to enhance their skills to think strategically and to drive organizational performance.

As a result of our services, more organizations and more people are clear about where they are and where they want to go, and they master the techniques that consistently support them to take steps towards their goals, with increasing fulfillment and satisfaction.

Success Unlimited Network® (SUN) received ICF-accreditation in September 2000 and has maintained these rigorous standards ever since. ICF-accreditation is awarded to programs that meet ICF (International Coach Federation) ethical and professional standards for coach training programs.

We globally offer our services in different continents in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew. Our training programs are delivered to our clients either locally on-site or at one of our global locations. Our programs are designed as a unique blend of experiential learning, class, and team work, both in presence and in remote.

We are globally recognized as a source of excellence in the field of training and executive coaching as our services support organizations reaching their strategic goals.

We help organizations to train their professionals and managers to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of international trade and operations issues and risks. We help them to assess and enhance their capacity to explore foreign markets and to master both operational and strategic aspects of global trade operations.


"Now a coaching culture means coaching should include middle managers and front-line managers,
because employees at all levels of the organization deserve coaching".


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“We work with clients who want to pioneer and open new paths.”

cristina campofreddo kooijman  |  founder & director


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