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Discover your Purpose to Manage your Business

David Kooijman

 Article on AI Globalmedia Magazine - July 216 issue

Article on AI Globalmedia Magazine - July 216 issue

It is easier to ignore the inner calling of our Soul and buy into the rational approach of our human mind. However, our Soul yearns to realize its full potential and to serve us. We have a choice. We are either being guided by our Soul (internal) or driven by our goals (external).

I have been working in the corporate world for more than 25 years in different managerial roles. Now I am a coach and a trainer and I support my coaching and training clients in their path of transforming themselves from the inside out. In partnership with them I embrace the challenge to work on the internal and external results they want to produce in their profession and in their life.

While coaching and training my clients, I touch many aspects and issues of corporate culture. Whatever issue we are working on as individuals, as a coach I have learned that a shift needs to occur - i.e. an internal shift - at the level of vibration. When shifts happen at the level of vibration, results become tangible and permanent. Vibrations create thought and precede thought. If results are addressed externally, it is management. Management here means controlling the external world.
Vibration refers to the energy or essence of a person that sources internally. The early Greek philosophers recognized and embodied in their work the Hermetic Principle that ‘motion is manifest in everything in the Universe, nothing is at rest and everything moves, vibrates, and circles’. Modern science has proven that what we call matter and energy are but modes of vibratory motion.

So in order to achieve external strategic and challenging results, we must go to the source to activate a transformation from the inside out. If we shift only on the outside, we have to manage every single thing in order to succeed, and of course, it is impossible to manage every single external thing. However, when we handle things at the source, we activate a transformation that is lasting, and, capable of producing tangible shifts in the external world in business, in our organization and in ourlives.

We are all potential transformers with the power to access our internal source.
Using the SUN methodology, I offer a unique approach to transformation.
The client begins our work with us by uncovering their purpose statement.
Purpose is who we are and what we bring to the world. Everyone has a purpose and life purpose is not one of life’s mysteries. In fact, all experiences offer opportunities to express our purpose and with clarity of purpose, life begins to make sense., especially in business, our purpose can be used as a tool to make wiseand meaningful decisions.

Once we clarify our purpose and learn how to apply it,, the shift happens naturally from the inside out. We transform ourselves, we do not focus on issues from the outside; instead we clarify what we want to achieve from a deep level, and we are more capable of producing amazing external changes.
SUN Coaches support clients in the process of describing each life area as to what it can be like when living consistently on purpose. These are our visions.
With these tools it is easier and more congruent to engage with and move ahead on our action plans; Visions support us in seeing clearly who we are in the context of the business or the corporation we work for.  In the same way that organizations have mission statements, people have individual purpose and the two must be in alignment for powerful and meaningful impact.

When we are congruent from the inside out, we transform the vibrations we emanate to the outside and we master the ability to produce the results we want.
With this approach, tasks can be mastered and not just 'managed'.
In time of distress and when we go through difficult periods, we have the opportunity to explore our inner world and become familiar with the totality of who we are, with our Light as well as our Darkness. And the good news is that we don’t need to wait for a moment of crisis, personally or organizationally, to access all our talents and resources.

We can reconnect with our deepest purpose and gift ourselves with the clarity and inspiration that comes from within.  We still need the outer experiences; we need to learn, grow and evolve. However, my clients masterfully taught me that if we just go after the outer without tending to the inner, we end up empty and disappointed.

How do we do this? Professionals are trained to guide people to learn their life and business purpose.
As stated before, we have a choice to be guided internally or driven externally.
When we let ourselves be driven by our deep purpose, we can more easily focus on our visions and see possibilities. Knowing and using our purpose helps us master the ability to use our inner resources and see solutions even when they look differently from what we would have expected.

As a coach specializing in Purpose and Business, and as a trainer, I offer programs that open the way for my clients to unhook from their external daily to-do-lists and reunite to what brings true meaning and purpose to their business and their life. I celebrate with them as they make the shift from externally driven to internally focused.
When corporations and organizations allow larger numbers of professionals, managers and CEOs to benefit from a coaching program that focuses on the purposefulness of the individual, they experience increased employee engagement, retention, satisfaction, and increasing revenue. Coaching supports people to gain the confidence to venture into new territories. Coaching allows people to shift their attention from external to internal in order to achieve sustainable results.

Article on AI Globalmedia Magazine - July 2016 issue
by Cristina Campofreddo, SUN Certified Coach, Purpose Coach, PCC, Trainer and Author
and Teri-E BElf, MCC, Coaching Leader, Coach Trainer, Coach Mentor and Coach