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Coaching the executives: achieving results with a purpose

David Kooijman

 Interview on AI Globalmedia Magazine - July 2016 issue

Interview on AI Globalmedia Magazine - July 2016 issue

1. Please give us a brief, overall description of your firm does and what it has to offer?

Success Unlimited Network® (SUN) is a global coaching, coach training and coach mentoring business supporting people, groups, teams and organizations to be purposeful and inspired to produce quality results while enhancing their well-being, fulfilment and satisfaction in service to self, others and the whole. SUN offers an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited Coach Training and Certification Program ensuring top quality programs. All Trainers are credentialed.

 2. Can you go into more detail about what your company does?

We offer a number of coach training programs in different venues on 5 continents. Some managers and executives in business take our training for the purpose of incorporating coaching competencies into their existing managerial expertise without becoming coaches. Some practitioners in the mental health field or Career Counsellors or Trainers or Consultants want to either 1. Add coaching to their repertoire or 2. Change careers and become coaches. Our coach training options range from 35 hours to 125 hours. We also offer a variety of continuing education programs such as: Setting up an Entrepreneurial Business and Business Plan, creating a sustainable Personal Organization System, Re-careering and Career Transition, Regaining or Designing Work-Life Balance and Creating Vision for Purposeful Living.
In addition to training we also have certified over 250 coaches around the world (32 countries) and we offer coaching in 7 languages.

 3. What do you think are the major trends and developments currently shaping the industry?

- Internal coaching is becoming popular in companies and governmental agencies.
- At the managerial and executive levels, in-person coaching is preferred to telephone or virtual coaching.
- Ethical structures and required training are shaping the coaching industry reputation.
- Markers for behavioural evidence of coaching are defining more precisely what coaches do and world-wide all coach trainers are being trained how to assess competency.
- Team coaching and Leadership coaching have become popular trends.
- Coaching is a trend that is shaping business. Businesses are developing “coaching cultures” wherein a high value is placed upon authentic communication and recognition of strengths and values.  Companies with coaching cultures have a higher level of revenue and employee engagement.

Collaboration in business is a significant trend and the coaching partnership is a sample of collaboration at its best. Coaching and collaboration can blend to support the transformation and evolution of business in the world today.

Coaches help clients identify and develop their strengths. There is a search for talent to support the Quest for Innovation, diversification and creativity.

Alliances within countries and between countries are springing up all over the world. This merger explosion as well as downsizing for efficiency requires flexibility in order for companies to manage and thrive in the competitive global marketplace.

The workforce is changing composition (age and culture). Coaching is based on trust and vulnerability in the partnership. Coaches acknowledge clients for who they are, not just what they do. Seniors and crones are embarking upon 3rd and 4th and even 5th careers, and many are entering coaching. Instead of trying to hold on to employees who want to change, grow and go somewhere else every few years, coaching can help people learn how to be inspired with what is most important, find ways to remain stimulated, and inspire staff to want to stay and contribute. Thus, Coaching is used as a strategy to retain good talent.

One trend is high tech. Social technologies are a way of life now and connectedness is the key to alliances and productivity. TEAM COACHING and GROUP COACHING increase awareness of how people interact with each other effectively. This phenomenon has brought team coaching into the limelight.
Lifelong learning is a major trend, sustainable living and sustainable learning. Businesses are collecting best practices and this is one of the key values in the coaching industry.

People seek significance and meaningfulness and this is the core essence of what coaching offers, the exploration of what is most important. Companies are emerging who place a higher value on purposefulness than profit.
The people who will really succeed are those willing to see, think, and feel differently about their businesses. This ability to be open to new perceptions and innovations is more important now than ever. This is the heart of coaching.

Due to the increasing number of coaches, companies and governments are becoming more selective and requiring credentialed coaches in their position descriptions. More employers are only accepting credentialed coaches as applicants for contracts and positions Therefore more coaches are working towards gaining a credential.

 4. What insight can you give on the techniques and thinking employed in today’s cutting edge corporate training and to the technology and materials used to deliver it? 

Coaching is shaping business and it is influencing training programs.  Training is big business in corporations, but nowadays training without the support of coaching tools is not enough to support corporations in their challenges of a rapidly changing business world.

Managers and executives in business take SUN training for the purpose of incorporating coaching competencies into their existing managerial expertise.

For many years, training in the corporate world has been largely the same. On-the-job has been supported by training in classes, workshops, tutoring and mentoring.

The workforce is changing, millennial employees are fast becoming the largest cohort in the workplace and they learn in different ways and for different reasons than their predecessors.
It is essential for companies to become familiar in using emerging methods of corporate training to keep the workers engaged and creating better-prepared employees in less time.

E-learning is already a big market and mobile learning is a growing trend.
Microlearning is a new developing trend: information is presented to the learner in small course chunks that focus on just one major issue and last no more than 10 minutes to complete.
Today in corporate training it is necessary to focus on redesigning training materials into flexible, future-proofed digital learning content. It is essential to build new strategies that transform legacy content into dynamic learning products for delivery to any platform or device.

5. How do you ensure that your firm stands out from the competition?

Our Founder was a leader in establishing the coaching profession 30 years ago. Since then she has attracted quality professionals and trained them herself. She was awarded the first MCC (Master Coach Credential), the highest achievement in the profession. SUN values continuing education and has an extremely high rate of coaches who move on to attain a coaching credential and become leaders in the field, e.g., ICF Board of Directors, Chapter heads, Global Committee Chairs and members. We are Ambassadors, conducting workshops around the world, mentoring high-level, high-impact leaders in all sectors, and writing books and articles in multiple languages. SUN coaches are visible and contributors to the evolution of the profession.

Our approach that distinguishes us is a mixture of pure coaching and methodical uniqueness. Every coaching and coach training program has a blend of structure, flexibility and customization. We begin every meeting, training or coaching, with guiding the clients/students to discover life purpose, the foundation and context for every choice one makes. Using life purpose vision is created.
We prefer to work with people who have a spiritual foundation, both clients and students, and are willing to integrate their spirituality into their coaching.

A Personal Mastery Practicum, often spiritual in nature, offers the coach in training the opportunity to work through an obstacle that limits extraordinary performance.

The reputation of SUN has been equated with high quality, purposeful and customized attention. Having said all of this, we do not hold the concept of competition. We trust that those who are meant to be in our lives find us. And for 30 years they have!

6. What kind of clients do you serve and how do you approach them?

Coaching clients can be anyone, no matter what the job description, as long as they are fiercely committed to personal growth and discovery, i.e., people eager to learn about themselves and how they impact the world.

Most of the time, they approach us through word of mouth and referrals because the 30-year strong SUN reputation and high visibility enables them to find us. When we encounter someone we interact through our coaching values and qualities: curious, open, active listening, wanting to be of service, respectful and authentic. We put no pressure on anyone because we trust that people know what is right for them and make choices congruent with that inner knowing.

We offer a free 1 – ½ hour experience of coaching so people can learn first-hand who coaches are and what coaches do. Our approach: Begin by guiding clients (or students) to learn their life purpose and create visions for living on purpose in all areas of life. At the end of each of the eight 2-hour coaching meetings, we create a list of how they can apply what they learned in the most important areas of life they choose. Meetings are held every 2-3 weeks over a 5 months period and during that time clients learn how to master the ability to produce the important results they want with a sense of well-being. We also monitor their experience of living with 14 qualities of well-being selected by the client.  Our approach is to focus on what client’s learn. The learning is sustainable beyond the coaching engagement because we coach at the level of habit.

7. What role do your staff play in the successes of your firm?

No staff. All coaches and trainers are independent people and we choose to work together in continuing our education and enhancing the quality of our service. In our interactions with people (and each other) we model how a coach behaves and communicates.

8. What challenges and opportunities lie ahead for you and your company in 2016 and beyond?

Nurturing and mentoring a leadership team to be able to respond to all the requests coming in from around the world. Ensuring that the very high quality standards we hold are honoured in every setting and interaction.
We have begun to introduce some technology into our training and assessing.

There are many opportunities for us to share and introduce coaching into some new places in the world. The demand is becoming greater than the resources we have available. Recently, several senior trainers have passed away. Even with a decreased number of trainers, we will not compromise our high quality standards as we continue to honor the process for newer trainers to rise to the levels of mastery we offer.

Another challenge is that country economies are different and negotiations are taking place to find a balance so coaching can be brought into those countries.

9. What challenges and opportunities lie ahead for your industry in 2016 and beyond?

Despite external pressure, Coaching will continue to self-regulate. The opportunity is to tighten our definitions, increase visibility and adherence to the Coach’s Code and Standards of Ethical Conduct, collaborate more with other Coaching organizations.


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