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The Value of Corporate Coaching

Cristina Campofreddo

Coaching is shaping business and it is influencing training programs. 
Training is big business in corporations, but nowadays training without the support of coaching tools is not enough to support corporations in their challenges of a rapidly changing business world.

Managers and executives in business take the training offered by SUN (Success Unlimited Network) and CoachingEra for the purpose of incorporating coaching competencies into their existing managerial expertise.

The workforce is changing, millennial employees are fast becoming the largest cohort in the workplace and they learn in different ways and for different reasons than their predecessors.
It is essential for companies to become familiar in using emerging methods of corporate training and coaching to keep the workers engaged and creating better-prepared employees in less time.

Coaching is a trend that is shaping business.
Businesses are developing “coaching cultures” wherein a high value is placed upon authentic communication and recognition of strengths and values.  Companies with coaching cultures have a higher level of revenue and employee engagement.

I will be honored to create with you a tailor-made corporate coaching program for your company or your business. I will work with you as a partner and we will create a sustainable developing program which is congruent with your company's values and characteristics.