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Live with Purpose

Cristina Campofreddo

Everyone has a purpose, whether one knows it or not.

Sometimes people have a deep sense of their purpose; yet do not know how to put it into words.
Once the language is clear, it becomes easier to be intentional about living on it.
It is never too late to learn your purpose.
Your purpose statement addresses why you are here, on this planet, at this time.
We all have lived on our purpose, although perhaps not consistently. We maybe think that our life purpose is one of life’s mysteries.

It really isn’t a mystery, I am sure you have been purposeful many times in your life!
We can work together and I can help you uncover the language that describes what has already taken place. One of the values of learning purpose is to enable more intentional choice and the experience of empowerment.

All experiences offer opportunities to express purpose.
With clarity of purpose, life begins to make sense.
We begin to experience synchronicity in our life. Order and direction replace chaos as a personal perspective.
Purpose encompasses the doing as well as the being side of living.

It can be expressed and experienced in all areas of life, including career, health, fun, spirituality, home, money, friends, relationships, family, personal development, appearance, and service.
Our visions, fantasies, and dreams represent pictures of what life could be like when we choose to live on purpose.

Every moment offers an opportunity to choose to live purposefully!

My Life Purpose is "to listen to my heart and to trust in my intuition, to open new possibilities for myself and for other people".
Knowing that so clearly, I can deliberately select goals and actions to express my purpose.  These actions show how I choose to live purposefully.
In my everyday life, in my profession, in big and small events of my life, I am guided by the purpose that brought me here in this life.
I feel a sense of accomplishment every time I recognize I am living on purpose, my action flows, I feel a sense o satisfaction inside and I am in alignment with life.

When we know our purpose we create a life that brings us deep meaningfulness and satisfaction.
I am willing to let people experience the wonder of detecting their own Purpose Statement.  Each purpose is unique!
We can do that through the process of 'powerful questioning', in a 2 hours session.
Tapping into that special part of us is such a beautiful, affirming experience. With purpose we feel our specialness.
You can experience a sense of wonder and you can embrace your True Self again.

Remember: each one of us has a unique part to play.