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Lead with Purpose

Cristina Campofreddo

- I want to know my purpose, how do I find it?
- Is it too late to discover purpose? How do I do that?
- How do I overcome my fear to transition to a career that feels more authentic for me?
- Do I pursue my work as my work and seek purpose outside of my work?
- Can I really be sure that I can be successful if I pursue a path of purpose?

Leadership is about authentic self-expression that creates value.
Each leader is unique because of their unique story – their background, their challenges, how they were strengthened by their unique life experiences.  Each of us has a story that wants to be told through our leadership.  
Our unique differences is what makes a difference and unless we have the courage to express our authenticity that story does not get told and something feels amiss.
What is courage?  Cour-age = from Latin cor = heart
We need to use our heart, we need to love what we do, to find the inner motivation that drives us through what we do.

It’s not so important what you do but to understand and connect with “why” you do it.

Everyone is born with the ability to be a leader, it all start from the ability to lead our own life, to be in charge of our life and developing the confidence we can also share this ability with others.

We begin by asking ourselves:
What is our vision? We need to explore and detect our own sense of purpose. Vision is what you aspire to achieve, it is the process of being.
What is our mission? We need to know what we do, what our organization does. It is the doing.
What are our values? Values shape our life and the culture of an organization. Vision or mission need to be reinforced by values. Values hold the organization together; they are the foundation for individual and corporate accountability.

Purpose, as savvy leaders know, is the foundation for creating vision and executing the mission.
Purpose is what shapes individual’s beliefs and, consequently, actions. Culture emerges from purposeful organizations.
Organizations need employees who are engaged, who come to work with a sense of purpose that comes from knowing that what they do matters to others.

Leaders at the top need to know their own purpose
in order to nurture a purposeful organization.