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Life with a Purpose

Cristina Campofreddo

The benefits of knowing your Life Purpose and putting it into words are many:  it increases your satisfaction, it helps you to maintain perspective on everything you do, it becomes a source for your inspiration. Your Life Purpose statement can be used as a decision-making tool and it reminds you that life is a journey.

When you act in alignment with your purpose in life you are able to attract supportive allies along the way and you are able to keep in mind the special, unique gift that you are.
People who go through the process of detecting their Life Purpose they achieve unimagined results: they manage to establish a sense of relatedness among the different areas of their life, they have a special unique tool to create visions and goals that matter and they always remember that life includes service.
Learning our purpose in life enables us more intentional choice and an amazing experience of empowerment that touches everything we do.

Our Life Purpose encompass the doing and the being, our self, the others and the whole.
Just because we know our Life Purpose, it does not mean we automatically make choices to live on it. We still have the right to choose. It is up to us.
As a coach, I help individuals to learn life purpose and I show my clients how to keep it alive and visible. The client is responsible for developing the habit of using it. When this happens, then Life Purpose become a precious resource.

I have the honor to partner with my clients through the process of detecting their purpose in life. It is always an exciting experience for both, a journey that brings marvel, joy, amazement, sometimes respectful silence.
It always brings immense value to my clients, they see changes in their life just because they gain awareness and their energy changes, it expands and therefore things change around them.

I have witnessed many different benefits that my clients received after putting their Life Purpose into words and using it: their health improves, they start the project that have been longing to be accomplished, their relationships improve and the world around them starts to ‘dance with them’. They all experience a deep connection with their Higher Self, with that inner part they always wanted to know and love, but never managed to reach.

The process of putting into words our Life Purpose begins with a 2 hours coaching session.
It unfolds through the client’s life, by giving value to all the experiences and the precious moments.

The coaching technique that supports the process is simple but extremely effective, the journey puts the individual in a stream of good energy.
I am deeply grateful because through my profession I can support many people in this wonderful journey. I am grateful because knowing my Life Purpose literally changed my life and I am grateful to my mentor who supported me in this path.


Thanks to  Ms Teri-E Belf, MA, CAGS, M.C.C., founder and director of Success Unlimited Network®, L.L.C. (SUN).