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How can we use our Life Purpose?

Cristina Campofreddo

Hidden within everyone is a life purpose.

Few people know their purpose in words; some have a vague physical sense of it.
Coaching can help people uncover their life purpose and make choices to live purposefully.
I understood e and I experienced that incorporating life pur­pose into my coaching practice magnifies the results I can achieve with clients.
Knowing purpose gives the client a greater consistency of success and well-being.

It can be useful to take some time to represent our Life Purpose statement visually and graphically on paper, or in any other creative way. We can find an object or a symbol to represent purpose. This will help us to involve all our sense and have a deeper experience that we can incorporate in our life.

We can ask ourselves to imagine what it would be like to live more on purpose in all areas of our life. We can think about creating visions and goals using purpose as the context.

When I coach and serve clients by facilitating decision-making, using the Life Purpose process is extremely effective. This process to facilitate discovering life purpose can be used with one single client or with groups.
Detecting a Purpose Statement can be useful for teams, for couples, for families.

When we discover our purpose, it does not necessarily mean that everything needs to change. 
People usually begin to experience more satisfaction and joy, more focus and clarity about how they are spending their time and about how they make choices.